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I'm a wedding photographer based out of South Bend, Indiana.

I believe in always having a vase full of fresh flowers, especially during peony season. That ending a long day should always be on the patio, with a good book and a glass of rosé. And, going to the beach is always a good idea.

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So much of what we see on Pinterest & Social Media can be overwhelming if we look at it & say “that’s just not me”. Always use what you see as inspiration & then wear what makes sense to who you are. Personally, I don’t like anything you’ve seen in those styled “What to Wear” boards I see on Pinterest. My family has such a variation in personalities that they don’t fit. Instead, I choose neutral tones that will look good on my walls with my decor. Also, most of the prints I see in the styled boards don’t photograph well.

I recommend at least 2 outfits to give you options, 1 per location. Not everyone will have the same meaning behind each of the categories, but who doesn’t love to dress up.

Never feel like you have to wear what doesn’t feel like you. Use the 3 outfit types & then close your eyes & think about what that means for you. If you went out as a family to your chosen location, what would you wear? Now elevate that. This is also why I prefer to set up a call so I can help guide you & customize a mood board for you.

Refined Casual

Casual, but polished so it’s not just your every day

It doesn’t matter if casual means a silk top & white jeans or jeans & a t-shirt. Refined casual is whatever you’d wear where you are allowing yourself to have the time of your life. How would you dress to explore a location if you knew the paparazzi was going to be there and you might end up in the background of a photo?

Classic Chic

Turning casual up just a notch, be the next influencer

This is an easy one for most women. You are likely already planning this one as it’s more like a flowy dress of any kind. Heck, I’m wearing one as I write this because I’m trying to be comfortable between working & running errands as a mom in the summer.

Metropolitan Dressy

Sophistication with a tailored fit

This is more of a business board room. It’s less likely that you’ll wear this to a park, but if you have plans to take your photos at a museum, this is a great option. 

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