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Hopeless romantic, Aspiring Gardener, dreamer, and Lover of Love Stories

it began with my parents

My Story

When I was 5, I became infatuated with my parents' wedding photos.

I loved how beautiful my mother looked in her wedding gown. I would sneak into her hope chest and put on her veil while I sifted through their wedding album. Having a vivid imagination as a child, I would pretend they were my wedding photos. As soon as I thought I'd get into trouble, I decided to discard the evidence. According to the way my father tells the story, I cut their photos up into tiny little pieces before I discarded them. I have no recollection of that part.

I suppose you could say that I've always loved wedding photos.

As my career as evolved, I have found new loves throughout the day. Every year, I find a new way of seeing the wedding day. Whether that's making sure we strategically schedule the Father of the Bride's first look of his daughter or making sure the couple can attend their cocktail hour, I'm always looking for those moments to document genuine connections.

Don't worry, 30 years later, we found a wedding album my grandmother had made for herself that no one knew about.

I'm still not allowed near them. 

Don't tell my dad I stole their photo for this picture.


Hi, I'm Katie

Professional needs anticipator, master problem solver, Your family historian

The wedding photography experience isn't exclusively on the wedding day.

My clients each receive a customized, high-touch, luxury experience with me. Tailored to the vision of their dream wedding and unique needs. No two couples are the same and neither is your experience with me.

My signature style can be defined as a delicate balance of classic and curated documentary photography. I want your images to stand the test of time. I also want to allow for moments that are once in a lifetime, but need to plan for that to happen.. Your images will look and feel classic, authentic and romantic. When my clients fully trust that I understand their vision, that's where the real magic happens and I create epic, one of a kind images.

I Believe

Traditions are
worth keeping

Timelines keep your vision on track

Simplicity is
an art form

The Katie Whitcomb Philosophy

transcends generations
Evokes Emotions
Embraces traditions
Nurtures Connections

Wedding photography captures fleeting moments of love and commitment. As you reminisce on your 50th anniversary, your photographs serve as a reminder of cherished memories and emotions from your special day. Each image becomes a testament to enduring love, celebrating a journey marked by laughter, tears, and unwavering devotion.

My work not only embraces traditions but also serves as a conduit for nurturing connections across generations. Through the lens of cultural rituals and familial customs, my photographs encapsulate the essence of heritage, fostering a sense of belonging and continuity. As loved ones gather to celebrate, these images become a visual narrative, weaving together the threads of tradition and connection that define the fabric of family and community.


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03. Ocean

02. love 

01. Flowers


Let's Make
Magic Together

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