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I'm a wedding photographer based out of South Bend, Indiana.

I believe in always having a vase full of fresh flowers, especially during peony season. That ending a long day should always be on the patio, with a good book and a glass of rosé. And, going to the beach is always a good idea.

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It is no secret that the campus of the University of Notre Dame is magical. Maybe you have memories of being on campus as a child or you met your spouse (to-be) in freshman year biology or maybe you live local and take long walks around the lake. No matter your reason for loving the campus, it has a little bit for everyone.

As you are choosing which locations around campus you’d want to photograph, there are a few key questions you should put into consideration before you solidify the list.

How Notre Dame is too Notre Dame

I know, I know. That sounds crazy, but hear me out. Some of my my requested images are “happy little accidents”. But, I’m going to be honest with you, I need the time to see them. If you are giving me a laundry list of locations (and I don’t know your priority list), then we may not get those “happy little accidents”. By the way, those “happy little accidents” get replicated constantly by other photographers.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What percentage do you want it to scream “ND”?
  • If you had only 2 locations to photograph, where would they be?
  • Do you HAVE to go on the field?*
  • Do I have enough time to get in my location wish list?
    • Bride & Groom with their Attendants (10 minutes)
    • Bride with her Attendants (10 minutes)
    • Groom with his Attendants (10 minutes)
    • Bride & Groom at location #1 (15 minutes)
    • Bride & Groom at location #2 (15 minutes)
    • Bride & Groom at location #3 (15 minutes)
    • Bride & Groom at location #4 (15 minutes)
    • Travel time to walk from Grotto to the Field (10 minutes)

* The field is absolutely a fun experience but I really feel like it costs you more than the fee it takes to get on the field. What is that? It costs the time in takes to get truly, one-of-a-kind, authentic, romantic portraits. If you don’t want cookie cutter portraits, build the time in your schedule to allow that to happen.


God Quad

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South Quad

Football Stadium

Law School


Morris Inn

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  1. Meghan B says:

    Katie: This is SO good. One of my favorite parts about our wedding day is that I will forever remember all of our special places on campus that you and Chris so beautifully captured. It may have been a hot day to walk around campus, but I wouldn’t trade any shot for the world. You were a champ and we fit in every single thing we were hoping…INCLUDING the law library when the student miraculously appeared and let us in! 🙂 I loved reading this post! XO

  2. So helpful! Even though I’m a Boilermaker, I may need this one day. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Emily says:

    Such a perfect guide! In love with that cute garden!!

  4. I’m slightly obsessed with ivy walls and that one is Ah-MAzing!!! What a great idea for your clients!

  5. Kelsey says:

    Great info & gorgeous imagery

  6. Mahlia says:

    I can definitely tell why your favorite spot is your favorite spot. Because is ahhhh-mazing!!! Love the ones on the football field too. Such a fun and unique spot

  7. Megan says:

    Gorgeous imagery and very informative post!!

  8. WOW! Thorough and amazing! love your work!

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