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I'm a wedding photographer based out of South Bend, Indiana.

I believe in always having a vase full of fresh flowers, especially during peony season. That ending a long day should always be on the patio, with a good book and a glass of rosé. And, going to the beach is always a good idea.

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Notre Dame, Indiana Engagement Photographers | August 18, 2013

I met Jennifer about a year ago now when she first booked me, we had planned her engagement session for I believe May or June and they got the news that their sweet little puppy would be born in June and wouldn’t get him until July. So, we pushed it off until August. This little dude is so sweet and so much fun. He really added that extra little element to the shoot to have a “start of our lives together” kind of session.

I love Jen. She is probably one of my biggest fans in both life and in my work. She “likes” almost everything I post on Facebook and that always makes my heart smile (comments make me happy too). I have gotten to know Jennifer over the last year in different ways: through our hour long meeting where we really just connected and didn’t talk much about photography itself, emails and stalking her on facebook. I was so excited to finally meet the lucky man that will be making this amazing woman his bride come May 2014. These two are amazing together. Their love for one another is one for the records for sure. I cannot wait for their wedding. I can guarantee they will both be smiling from ear to ear.


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