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I'm a wedding photographer based out of South Bend, Indiana.

I believe in always having a vase full of fresh flowers, especially during peony season. That ending a long day should always be on the patio, with a good book and a glass of rosé. And, going to the beach is always a good idea.

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South Bend, Indiana, Wedding Photography | December 4, 2010



Carolyn and Danny attended Purdue University together but did not get to know each other until their final semester.  Danny admired Carolyn from afar in Geotechnical Engineering class and lab, but Carolyn was completely unaware they were in the same class!  One day, while with mutual friends, Danny finally mustered up the courage to invite Carolyn to a Super Bowl party that didn’t exist.  Explaining to her later that the party “fell through” he asked her out instead.  Their first date was a very awkward viewing of Coach Carter at the local movie theater and they prefer to remember their second date of ice skating.  What started out as friendly hanging out together quickly and unexpectedly grew into a lasting relationship.  Not knowing how to proceed after college as Danny moved to Chicago for work, and Carolyn to Boston, Danny flew out to Boston to visit Carolyn for the Fourth of July and they continued to rack up frequent flier miles over the course of the next 4 1/2 years!



Danny flew out to Boston to celebrate his birthday and Carolyn planned a fancy dinner at a cherished seafood restaurant by the wharf.  As Carolyn got home from work, Danny pushed her to hurry up and get ready.  He had come up with a surprise idea for after dinner earlier that day, but they would have to be there by 8:30!  After rushing to and through their delicious dinner, Danny was now wearing on Carolyn’s patience as he had her rushing through downtown Boston in heels and a dress!  Convinced they were on their way to make an evening movie, Carolyn was surprised as Danny led her into Boston Common to one of their favorite places, the Frog Pond, which opened just the day before for the winter ice skating season.

Years ago, Carolyn and Danny had begun what has become a tradition for them of ice skating at least once a year, typically on New Year’s Eve.  Still confused about the rush to make it to the rink (which Carolyn later discovered closed at 10pm), Carolyn obligingly pulled on her skates. After a couple of laps on the ice,  the familiar call for skaters to leave the ice to make way for the Zamboni came over the loud speaker.  Danny urged a reluctant Carolyn to squeeze in one more lap.  As they approached the rink exit for a second time, again Danny urged Carolyn to make one more lap.  This time Carolyn insisted that they should both exit, but was convinced otherwise by one of the rink attendants who smiled knowingly at her and said they could keep skating.  As the couple started their solo skate, their favorite song, “Boston and St. Johns,” came over the speakers and Carolyn quickly got suspicious.  Before she could question what was happening, Danny led her to the center of the rink, got on one knee and proposed.  They enjoyed a celebratory embrace and exited the ice rink to cheers and congratulations from strangers.

Carolyn learned later that the night had been long planned by Danny, included numerous emails to the Frog Pond management and even the switching of a plane flight due to a late opening of the ice rink, which finally provided a satisfactory explanation to a previous disagreement.  Needless to say, Carolyn was quite impressed with the proposal!



We both love the winter season – the smells, tastes, decorations and everything they symbolize with friends and families drawing close. Hoping to achieve an elegant, intimate and classy wedding we chose black, white and silver as our main colors with a splash of deep cranberry for an accent – beaded cranberry garland dotted the corner of the programs, escort cards and table numbers. Cranberry filled glass vases with silver-sparkle twirl sticks added height and color to the black pin tuck table dressings. Our ceremony was highlighted by an altar full of candles that were lit by each of the guests as they arrived. The special candlelight ceremony was a replica of the Carolyn’s parents wedding.


The church where we were married is the church Danny grew up in and the reception hall was one that matched our desired ambiance.



After a lot of searching online and viewing numerous other excited bride’s and groom’s wedding photos we met with Katie from Katie Whitcomb Photographers and felt so comfortable and that she truly understood what we were looking for! We never looked back and are thrilled with our experience and photo memories!






Sticking with our seasonal theme we chose to use the cranberry flavor in our food to mimic the cranberry color accent – guests enjoyed asiago-stuffed meatballs doused in cranberry glaze (along with warm bruschetta and a favorite of ours – bacon-wrapped water chestnuts). A custom cranberry salsa was created for the event, served in a decorative cucumber bowl snuggled next to the orange-smoked chicken entrée.


Our blooms were selected to compliment the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. Simple, white bouquets accented by deep red cranberries for the bridesmaids brought cheerful seasonal scents to the bridal party. The bride’s bouquet of all white flowers – abundant cream roses, petite white calla lilies, white sprig roses and cream cranberries was highlighted by a lace handkerchief that Carolyn’s grandmother carried in her wedding 60 years ago nestled amongst the blooms.


We had so much fun at our cake tasting! After numerous, delicious options that were presented beautifully we chose two different flavors alternating layers with vanilla bean with sugarplum filling and chocolate with peppermint candy cane crunch. The Cakewalk’s beautiful creation of white butter cream cake sprinkled with silver fondant geometric snowflakes across the layers was both delicious and beautiful!


The whole weekend – having so many people we love in the same room at the same time!



Don’t procrastinate. Make it personal – find one thing to do or have at your wedding that you have never seen at anyone else’s. Remember that no matter what goes wrong (because something will) you can’t reschedule, so just enjoy!


To view more images from their day go to: http://pictage.com/800930

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