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I'm a wedding photographer based out of South Bend, Indiana.

I believe in always having a vase full of fresh flowers, especially during peony season. That ending a long day should always be on the patio, with a good book and a glass of rosé. And, going to the beach is always a good idea.

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South Bend, Indiana, Basilica of Sacred Heart, Notre Dame, Wedding Photographers | January 28, 2012


Keaton and I met through mutual friends, and have been friends since our junior year of college. We didn’t start dating until the March after we graduated, though. Keaton sent me a bouquet of lilies (my favorite flower) and roses in January of my first year of teaching, partially to help my lift my spirits in the middle of what was a really tough year, but also to sort of put himself on my radar. Not sure of what I wanted and definitely not interested in the distance thing, I resisted him for a while. But eventually he broke through and we started dating that March.





Keaton knew he was going to ask during time off at Christmas, but he had to wait to have the opportunity to talk to my dad, which didn’t happen until the end of break. We spent a week and a half doing all sorts of romantic and fun things in both Colorado and Michigan, but I still had to wait because he had to talk to my dad. Just before lunch on Keaton’s last day in Michigan, we went for one last walk down my street (a snowy, rural dirt road in Michigan). We walked for about 45 minutes talking about the next time we’d see each other right before I was set to deploy for 5 months (a deployment that didn’t happen, thankfully). On the way back we paused next to a snow covered field with a frozen pond. He knelt down and pulled out the box in his pocket, said six words, I said one very enthusiastic word (several times), and huge hug and a kiss were exchanged…and the rest is history.






Again, an internet search brought up several options and, after looking through many of the samples, we decided that your pictures hold the most emotion and really capture the feelings of the day, rather than just a still image of something that happened. You also seem to be able to fit any style, which is good because Keaton and I wanted creative but nothing too wacky.








I looked up a couple of venues online and then my mom and I went and visited them one day. A few we were able to eliminate straight out because they just didn’t fit our needs. We were down to two. We finally decided on the Hilton because the room was perfect, the prices were good (with a lot included), the venue is attached to the hotel, and the woman who helped us out and showed us around was absolutely amazing. I really felt comfortable with her and I could tell she was going to take good care of us.



As I said before, I will have calla lilies in my bouquet. Though they are not the standard lily, they are still beautiful and will be the main white component. I will also, hopefully, have blue irises, only picked because they will match the blue bridesmaids dresses.


We kind of have a couple of themes going right now. One is the color scheme, which is navy blue and silver. I just really like the colors together and they fit in winter very well. We also have a sort of winter-y theme going on, obviously because it will be the middle of January in Indiana. Our invitations and toasting flutes have calla lilies on them because they are a beautiful flower and I will have some in my bouquet. And we will also have some angel decorations because Keaton and I look to our guardian angels a lot for protection and guidance.


I don’t know the details of my cake … I know that it will be 4 layers that are kind of separated from each other (space in between them) that will be filled with flowers. They will be round cakes and two different flavors. We’ll hopefully have some blue and silver ribbons at the base of each cake and maybe some small sugar snowflakes or other simple decorations. Nothing too crazy.



If it was just up to me I’d say smashing the cake in Keaton’s face 🙂 But as a couple we’ve decided that the best moment was our first dance.




Start early, but don’t forget to have fun. Keep in mind that the details that you stress over generally won’t be the things that people remember. For example, no one will remember what type of chicken I have at my wedding. They’ll remember if the food is terrible, but as long as it’s passable no one will notice. They will remember if you look happy and if the dancing was fun. That’s about it.


To view more images from Jessica & Keaton’s wedding, go to www.pictage.com/1086649

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  1. Linda Stouffer says:


    These are awesome!! I cannot wait to see the rest.

  2. Jamie McGinnis says:

    Great pictures, y’all. Congratulations!

  3. Mary Kiefer says:

    Congratulations again, Keaton and Jess! It was a wonderful day! Beautiful work Katie Whitcomb!

  4. Lori Hegarty says:

    Beautiful pics!! You look so happy!! Congrats!!

  5. Michelle Sexton says:

    Wonderful pictures! Beautiful cake topper and I love your first dances photos! Great work Katie! 🙂 I hope you guys win some prizes!

  6. Sue Terino says:

    Stunning! I love the ones at the Grotto!

  7. LeAnn Parson says:

    Congratulations! Your pictures are wonderful, just like the reception. What a fabulous opportunity to catch up with everybody!

  8. Alex Tulisiak says:

    Although we could not be there, these pictures give us a good idea of what the day was like! Congrats Jess and Keaton! It looks like you had a fun and beautiful wedding!

  9. Mary Pat Lambert says:

    Great pictures! Happy couple! Gorgeous setting! Fun had by all!

  10. CD Stouffer says:

    What wonderful images of the day. Though I was not able to be there, I can now “remember” Jessica and Keaton’s wedding day.

  11. Em Lyons says:

    The pictures were awesome and really well organized. I liked that you could relive the night from beginning to end without sorting through hundreds of mediocre photos. Great job!

  12. This is an awesome way to share photos. It feels less like a slideshow and more like a story, and I love stories. Jess and Keaton, you looked fantastic. I am so happy I could be there as you started your lives together. Thanks for choosing such a great photographer to capture the memories of such a fantastic day!

  13. Conor says:

    Great pictures. Looks like it was a wonderful celebration! So sorry we missed it, but Congratulations!!!

  14. Tom and Marge Gleason says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! We are so glad we were able to “be there” through pictures since we could not be there in person. Awesome Notre Dame setting! What a beautiful sacramental union as you witnessed to the importance of God in your lives. God continue to bless you every day.

  15. julie stouffer says:

    Beautiful pictures, they were very natural and captured jess and keatons personalities well. Great wedding! Congratulations!

  16. Brogan Ryan says:

    Jess and Keaton – Great pictures of an awesome day. So happy I was able to share it with you!

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